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Jess Told Me

Quiet by 9

Jess Told Me

Climb on up into my castle
And I'll show you what's inside.
You can run, just be careful
You just might lose yourself

I'm coming after you with fire
What I want's what you got inside
Open up your head and let me in
If not I'll sneak in through your eyes….

It's a wild ride once we get on
A lot of ups and downs, but we are just fine
When it's over it's, it's never over
There's love enough to last a thousand lives

And I want to ride up until
You can't feel nothin' but this, we are numb to the world
I'll take you outside lay you down on cold green grass
I'm climbin up oh and this castle's coming down

To last a thousand lives…
(is more than enough love)

Compositor: Steve Wall

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