Quick Step John

Here it comes again, late night phone calls & saltwater
She can’t taste the subtlety on my lips
Drive off to her house, 2:30 in the morning
The emptiness comes creeping back to me
Turn the radio on and hear a song familiar
Remember singing softly to her
Had a dream of us unconscious intoxicated on the sand
Laid amongst some sea glass and carrying on like children often do
Then I bent down to pick you up
And dance an imaginary ballroom step
Woke up to the sound of the ocean
Captured all of this, made a painting with colors and words
I was there in spirit you were there in spirit
“What was your favorite memory” she said
“what about me makes you shiver?”
“sing me a song wearing flannel pajama pants,
you don’t have to remember all the words”
decided I’d take these phrases right from your mouth
you were naked, confused crawling across the ground
like a sinner would for forgiveness

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