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For Better Or For Worse

Quick Step John

For better or for worse - one regret i confess what said was said what’s done was done un loyalty seems to be all the rage tonight such fashion how we dress in neglect
Makes everything alright pull the wool from your eyes boy and take a look around there's no one here to catch you if you stumble or fall down what said was said
What's done was done you're not much to wake up to just like broken glass we can't hold on just as season change this fad's worn
Thin and now it's gone and i'm thinking
Of you where are you to remind myself of things i shouldn't do it's not true all the the things they say so close your ears now baby turn your head away like picture perfect accident you were dressed to kill i'm a sucker for an overly nice
Deceiving type of girl as we lay in your bed with no lights
You can't see the tears fall from my eyes take a look at me tell me what you see who do you believe this is built on love and trust so ask yourself just once who do you believe it's all lies

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