I Wanna Be

Quentin Hannappe

I take a breath
Don't loose my time with falseness
Take it easy
Don't waste my strength
I keep my mind out of this kinky way
I keep the light in this strange game you play

Now I know who I wanna be
Straight on my feet I can keep my head up
I'm not perfect but wisdom guide me up
Reach my aim with respect
That's hate I reject
You see
Fuck their precept

Now I know who I wanna be
Life change but never stop
And to keep going
Sometime you have to drop
Life is like that, I'm not alright
But I stay on my track, because I can't go back

Now I know who I wanna be
I wanna be
A better man all days
Be better tomorrow
Than I been today
Just the fact to try give me peace of mind
I fight to don't cross the line
Now I know who I wanna be

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