Radio Ga Ga (Cifrada)


Queen & Adam Lambert: Live Around the World

Intr.: F Gm Bb Gm Bb F F I sit alone and watch your light Gm My only friend through teenage nights Bb And everything I had to know Gm Bb F I heard it on my radio F You gave them all, those old time stars Gm Through wars of worlds invaded by Mars Bb You made them laugh, you made them cry Gm Bb F You made us feel that we could fly (radio) F So don't become some background noise Abo A backdrop fot those girls and boys Bb Who just don't know or just don't care G/B And just complain when you're not there | F/C | You had your time, you had your power | C | You've yet to have you finest hour | Bb F | Radio (radio) | F/Eb Bb F | All we hear is radio ga ga | Bb F Bb F | Radio goo goo, radio ga ga | F/Eb Bb F | All we hear is radio ga ga | Bb F | Radio blah blah | Eb Bb C | Radio, what's new? | Dm C F | Radio, someone still loves you F We watch the shows and watch the stars Gm On videos for hours and hours Bb We hardly need to use our ears Gm Bb F How music's changed through the years F Let's hope you never leave my old friend Abo Like all the things, on you we depend Bb So stick around 'cause we might miss you G/B When we grow tired of all this visual REPETE | F/Eb ||<--- |||2|| |||||| |||||| ||oooo

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