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Your Eternity


I thought I knew what pain was for
I thought it opened every door for you
I thought you understood me more
another love another chore to do
haven't I been your only daughter?
haven't I been your only friend?
haven't I always tried to love you?
haven't I been there 'til the end?

haven't you been the only one
who ever wounded me?
haven't I tried to heal your madness?
haven't I been your eternity?
all the webs that spiders weave
could never match the treacheries
all the stars up in the skies
could not outshine the sacrifice

now you've changed the rules again
another chance to wield the pen, for you
didn't I always keep your secrets?
didn't I trust you with my life?
didn't I hope to free your sorrow?
didn't you cut me like a knife?
didn't you laugh when everybody turned their backs on me?
didn't I stand for something better?
didn't you kill your eternity?

wasn't I weight enough to shoulder?
wasn't I hungry for the lie?
wasn't I praying for your armies
when they came for me?

I learned everything about a bleeding heart
and how to play for time, in your hungry eyes
and oh I was the perfect child
I know that now I've mine
and he is so much more than any better parts
and oh given all I know and what I've come to find
I only find it's sad that you've been so tied
and oh I was the perfect child
but I can be no more, the defender of your cause

and in the night there is the truth, I cannot be lost
wasn't I your eternity?
and now it's time to change the path of my life
and behold to my deeds
and believe in myself for all time

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