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The King's Ruin


She came on a mighty steed across the desert sand
she came with a blade of steel and a burning in her hand
and oh, she sought revenge, from he who did her wrong
and oh she would not rest for all the souls gone

she rode for a thousand days, she rode without fatigue
so driven by her hate and former master's greed
and oh she hated him that king of blind deceit
that man of no regrets in death they would meet
but as with all who are wounded, the cut is so unkind
she loves him still though he hurt her, his body on her mind

and like all men who fall, though he had love and rule
he would betray it all for the king's ruin
and through her love was true and a real love he knew
he would betray it all for the king's ruin

she came like a valkyrie, a fury in her womb
to spill that traitor's blood, to see hint in his tomb
she rode through the desert sand, his kingdom in her view
she wanted nothing more than what she came to do
and oh she hated him and oh her blood was high
and oh her heart was keen
she tasted his lie

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