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Sword Of Destiny


There is a sword beneath
the sea that can hold back war's misery
within a kingdom lost in time, inside a child's mind
it holds the key to endless peace
and so our search can never cease
our only hope for happiness and end to distress
one fine day we will be saved

sword of destiny
I feel the beating of your heart
sword of destiny
it's time to show yourself
sword of destiny
I feel the beating of your heart

we've left so many dead behind
we left them hurt, been so unkind
we've travelled roads to find a door but we have one law
been cruel in killing and in shame
because we thought to try again
but we are slaves to bloody war, and we know no more
help us find our saving grace

the road is long but I am able to set you free
metal in my hand, my heart grows stronger
I can stand my ground for that much longer

there is a dream we must fulfil, in every single iron will
we cannot live our lives at war, we beg for no more
we have to try and try again
and we will search until the end
until we find the magic blade and we are all saved
hear me begging on my knees

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