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Broken Paradise


I would dance around the world with you
if you would only stay
I would dance around the world with you
and die another day

quicken the tale, make it complete
there's just no way out of here
straighten your back stand of two feet
still there's no way out of here

my blood is only for you
my love is granted I can hear you
my heart feels you inside nee
my blood is granted and I can hear you sing

somebody get me out of here
somebody save me from this broken paradise
I can feel you

mother I can't always explain
it's not my fault, I was born this way

mother I know, you bore the pain
I wanted life, to begin again

quicken your heart, dance to the beat
I thought that I heard you cry
give me a kiss, a trick or a treat
I know that you never lie
sorry my love, I. Know you're complete
there's so much I have to fear
you by my side, on your tiny feet
there's just no way out of here

I'm dancing around the world with you
here in my arms

but there's no hope, no prayer
no guidance just despair
and when the children dream
I am a queen who must be free

under the bridge they are lost to the word of the king
they have a wager to win, for his God is a sin
under the river he condemns each first born to die
for he is lost in his greed and his cruel alibi
broken paradise

there he is condemned to suffer the deeds he has done
rivers of blood flow before him but he finds not the one
broken paradise

there in his tower of evil sleeps herald the king
bringing a plague to the city, and death to his kin
demons and spirits revile him and drag him to hell
so he is dead to his daughter and all ring the bell
broken paradise

I would dance around the world with you
and die another day

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