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The Battle of Paridas


Once there was a war
In the ancient land of paridas
The elderly foresaw
A troop of armoured men would pass
And take the place apart
So paridas would be no more

Every man and child
Was trained to guard the castle walls

It seemed forever
The waiting game
No sign of bloodshed
The guarding remained
To face the unknown
The fears tormenting
The fight for freedom

As days turned into months
The fear declined to disregard
And life just carried on
'Till one day they were caught off guard

Surprised by stratagems
Of a callous army, the war was over

The premonition
Was true all along
An uneven battle
Both unfair and wrong
A scream for justice
Was sent to the sky
"Is this the ending? "
Before they'd all die

The scream for justice
Was heard far away
Their guardian angel
Came forth to display
The fierce intruders
And threw light on the site
Forever blinded
They backed out by moonlight
Backed out by moonlight

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