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Bath House

Puma Blue

In Praise Of Shadows

What are y'all sayin'
What are we to lay in
Love again, it's true
Okay sweet, well, I'll come to meet you
But I cannot say it, I cannot say it
Would you ever have dreamed we'd be miles apart
I cannot say
It's an involuntary bucket list, all these things I wanna do
But I dare not do them, no, I dare not do them

I'll crawl into your shell
Keep you warm for the winter from inside of you, inside of you
We'll fall asleep when it's dark, I'll call your name, I'll call you
I'll call you home, I'll call you home
Oh when it's over, it's over, it's over

Every colour is a part of your spectrum
But I cannot say it
Why can't I say it?

Maybe there's some part spare
In the bitter end
But what has Love gotta do with anything?

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