Puff Daddy


Puff Daddy

Then you get another chance tomorrow
I don't hustle like that
I also like this
There's not a second left
You know there's a tomorrow
I'm hustling like there's
only one more second left of this hustle

Don't bother me, I'm working
Don't bother me, I'm working
Don't bother me, I'm working
Don't bother me, I'm working
Don't, working

(Verse 1)
Can't you see I'm on the phone
Don't, don't be coming over here with s**t
when I'm working
Call me Mr Combs, and I'm 9 digit strong
Ni**as hating on me but it's not working
When I was 19, I walked in the house
And I told my momma she could stop (working
When you ni**as used to beatbox on the block
Big and D-Rock, they was getting that work in
Then I linked up with some ni**as from my hood
Aho was know for putting that work in
And if your record ain't had like that, like that
Nah, then you're song
then you're song wasn't working
Ran into this young jawn, I told her come home
She asked for a check I said, could you (working
Now every time she call I don't even pick up
I just hit her with the text like

Don't bother me, I'm working
Don't bother me, I'm working
Yeah put your hands together
Don't bother me, I'm working
Don't bother me, I'm working
Yeah, I ain't finished, I ain't finished
Don't, working

(Verse 2)
I do this s**t for B. I. G
So if you don't like me
f**k you in the building, you working
If you see us in the club with CĂźroc by the tub
We ain't had fun, we working
In the Dj booth like an independent group like
Look, this a record we working
Play this s**t a hundred times
If you don't we gon be
in here every single night that you working
Shout out to my people with a job
I hope you don't fall asleep tomorrow when you working
I was macking on this chick
my partner tapped me on the back
I turned around like can't you see me, working
She a waitress or a stripper
I it's past midnight and she tell you she's working
And we hustle before we can play
So even on Memorial Day, my ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)

If you gon get this money
you gon have to get out and get it man
Ain't nobody gon give it s**t, feel me?
God sent me here to inspire you, you understand?
Ay I ain't about that motherf**king talk
I'm about that walk baby
I gets busy, we get this money over here

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