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Watcha Gon' do (Feat. Notorious BIG & Rick Ross)

Puff Daddy

(Bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gon' do?)
I'm proud of myself, you know I'm saying?
Ain't nothing wrong with that, I'm fucking proud of myself
That is why I sound the way I sound
And the way I walk the way I walk
The way I talk

I tell 'em watch close, nigga jot notes
If you use my approach, you could dock boats
Yeah, you could get exposed to all that
Girl, you know I'm hard to get a hold or contact
Probably overseas with business owners and all that
Flights to Minnesota with dinner over a contract
See, lame niggas gonna do lame shit
How you flexing when your crew ain't shit
Nigga, you ain't shit
Probably trick on something you ain't hit
Try to do me but the shoe ain't fit, and your jewels ain't lit
So tell them niggas I said break bread off
You know, spray lead off, take heads off
Break law pay feds off
You ain't never meet pop
You got the kittens fed up with your fake set up
I keep niggas on rooftops to watch you
I move by smooth, even keep the new spots supplied too
I slide through back of the Maybach
But I do something 5'2 with a fly do, how you?
I don't know you yet but I'm trying to
I leave your mind blew
If you don't mind trying to climb through
New portals on time yeah I think it's time to
Never slip up, one of the homies get picked up
Sell all the whips and switch the cribs up
Get my dick sucked by mermaids
Black shades HermĂšs
The whole last winter I went through a fur phase
Yeah, that summer '32
Bad Boy shit
And we won't stop, 'cause we can't stop
B. I. G. , Brooklyn, yeah

(Bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gon' do?)
Puff Daddy, New York, yeah
Bad boy, yeah
Unstoppable (You'll see)

Big blunts and grass, Maybach on a dash
40 carat gold Cartier on a class
Mink coats with shooters in of the Land Cruiser
My maneuvers sparking these lil' rumors
Duffle bags, Percocets, the Rugers
Still the smoothest at roughing up all the jewelers
Danny Glover, up the pistol, pussies undercover
Propositions and proposals, bring 'em on the double
Raising the K's in the days and
Jaylen that brain is amazing
Top tier, egotistical when he arrogant
Skyscraper, kilo up in the cabinet
For bad bitches who snort lines the fourth time
CĂźroc white, blue dot, you should pour mine
East Coast fat boy, he be so braggadocios
Air forces, mansions, and I'm on the ocean
Benefits, free my niggas, I'm talking fish and grits
Immigrants came a long way up out the tenements
Gunshots hereditary, get your daddy buried
With my march, got out of prison February
Cold game, ménage à trois and my gold chain
Bad Boy, Buggatis in all four lanes
The script flip when the spliff lit
Double M cruise ship with a thick bitch

Niggas talkin' it but ain't livin' it
Crystal pops I'm sippin' it, mob hats and lizard shit
'Gator trunks bitch, rollin' blunts with the williest of the willy
Heckler Koch, M-1's and nine millies
Stories like a motherfucker
Model bitches wondering if I'm a fuck with her
She know, I treat my bitches like Ivana
Dolce and Gabana drippin'
Big poppa never slippin'
H-class diamonds shinin'
Dinner with the wifey winin', dinin'
Smoking cigars in Bogota
With Colombian niggas named Panama
Englique and shit
Games we play life endin'
Bitches bending over with ease
For a pair of Moschino jeans
And Donna Karan tank tops I got your bank stopped
Singles on top, Benjamins under the rest of 'em
Advancin' from duplex to mansion
Stashing keys, hidin' G's overseas
VCR's in my V's
Game elevates, money I make
Into stocks and real estates, bitch
Jet skiing in the Caribbean, white sands
Discussing plans with my mans
Dark blue land, smoke tint chrome rims and system
That leaves my rear views tremblin'
What you gonna do when poppa catch an attitude
Drop to your knees and show gratitude
Kiss my rings it's a Frank White thing I stay potent
Bitches devoted, take my dick and deep throat it

You'll see
You'll see

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