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Stay Long (Feat. Summer Walker)

Puff Daddy

The Love Album: Off The Grid

Oh-woah-oh, mm-mm

I like how we do it (Oh-oh) , never get into it, no
I like how we move, oh, I like how we move
You don't make it complicated when I'm sayin' I need it
You give it up, boy, to have sex when I'm fiendin', oh
They be searchin' far, I'm always feelin' right
Only in my phone in the night
I ain't even really got the time
It's just more exciting, knowing that we be lyin'
I pull up in that drop top, make sure it got tints
I don't want nobody in my business

Hope you stay long, hope you stay long
You be swingin' low, make me sing along
Hope you stay long, hopĐ” you stay long
You be swingin' low, make me sing along

Now I'm thĐ” bed like, "Shoo-dee-do-dee-do"
You know I like a sneaky link, babe
Dreamin' 'bout it all day, can't wait to see your face
I ain't got the time to be tryna figure out your lies (Oh)
To be tryna keep up with your lies
so leave it at a sneaky link
You know what I'm drinkin' on, you know what I'm thinkin' of
Finna take my ass home in the mornin', oh

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