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Looking For Love

Puff Daddy

Last Train To Paris

She says she's looking for love
You know we have to do it again, right?
All the girls in the club
know wussup
She said she undercover though
and this is what she want

She's got me higher in this mother fucker
She's got me flying in this mother fucker
Ready to die up in this mother fucker
Got damn, she badder than a mother fucker.
Let's make a movie!
Two superstars,
To big body coupes,
The marriage niggaz stay and they e-condo large
I stay in louis bed spurds camouflage.
Let's go!

She wants the finer things and all that she can get
from me
she even wants the lovely cutie on my arm
she get it in all way turned up
she a rider
She says she's in the mood for love

Watch out that girl is trouble!
They ain't got nothing on her.
Can't even fight her hunger
She a get it girl, watch her do her thang
What she's got she got from her mother?
she super straight body shaped like no other
She's making her way to my area
And when she gets past security,
I say :

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