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Crazy Thang (interlude)

Puff Daddy

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just comon now- just

[S. Rosete]
Sometimes i just (get out cho head)
I just feel so confussed (no dont do that)
I just want to know how you feel about me (dont do it)

no dont do it- stop.
I love you (I love you too)
mothafucker do you know what you've done?(I've always loved you)
But i really love her
you see-
love is a crazy thang
at first it feels so good
you would think it last's forever
but then it also hurts so bad (you know something.. i hate your fucken guts.. leave me the fuck alone)
Then what do you do?
DO you give up?
or do you believe?
(i'll always love you)
I still believe...

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