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Claim My Place (interlude)

Puff Daddy

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Sometimes I try to figure out just
Why you are the way you are
You make it so hard for me to love you

Hold up now
I ain't gonna try to sit here and say I'm perfect
You know
I mean
I'm tryin' to do the best I can
with my time here on earth
You know
You know my mother
mama always say that I'd be somebody
You know
so you know
I might as well be great
You know
I mean
It's hard to understand how I am
Sometimes you don't really need to be
fuckin' understanding though
I mean God put me here for a reason
And I'm here to let these bitches know

I've come to claim my place

I've come to claim my place

I'll show you the way

A lot of people don't understand
They'll understand one day though
I just like to make people feel good
I really feel I can do anything
I really truly beleive in God that way
So much that I believe in myself
I guess I'm kinda like my father
Who had a relentless spirit
You know
He would stop at nothing to achieve his goal
You know nowadays
A lot of these niggas don't understand that
They gonna have to handle it

I've come to claim my place
And I ain't gonna stop
I ain't gonna never stop
I thank y'all for ridin' with me
Thank you all for rockin' with me
through this journey
It's just begun
And I wanna take the time
to say thank you

Listen to everything he say
I've come to claim my place

I truly appreciate you
And I love ya
Ain't nothin' else to say

Woe baby
I love you
But I gotta do what I gotta do

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