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Electric Slave

Public Enemy

You see em doubled, tripled society got in line
The same thing / same time
Blind state of mind
Cant change the channel in them brains
Got em all in chains
Now a days,the latest craze
To get em in a daze
Same ol ways
Programmed by the man
On an on follow, hollow
Till it past tommorrow
See em fear it
Dont get near it
Comprehend the lyrics
In place see their faces
They dont even hear it

Do it, do it , do it, do it, do it, do it
Doin the electric slave

Do everybody got lobotomys?
Im keepin my mind as a part of me
See em all savin ends in september
See em all spend them allin december
Credit be that great pretender
Am i broke i cant remember
Beyond the club
Champagne to the membrane
Vote the same name
In the same campaign
Either or
Kick down the door
Dont be a whore the trance floor

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