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Centuries Of Sin


Survivor - Warrior Prince
Psychopath - Making Difference
Archangel - Bleed Crimson Skies
New Danger - Innocence Lies

Falling Calling - The Diobolical
Open Wide The Gates And Yell
Screaming Dreaming - The Dark & Damnable
But Just Never Can Tell
Feeding Needing - The Undestroyable
Roll Up The Show Begins
Blinding Grinding - The Undeniable
The Centuries Of Sin

Supplier - Medical Child
Sycophant - Restless And Wild
Illusions - A Timeless Place
Sadistic - Right In Your Face

Expressionless Faces In Silhouette Stance
Leading The Way Thruogh Death Of A Dance
Howling In Harmony Hostile In Key
Out On The Plains Of Indulgence We Breed
Screams In The Night From A Chorus Of Fear
Hiding In Corners The Drunken One Leers
Desperate And Down Faking All In Discrace
Now Is The Time To Ask Questions Of Faith

The Diabolical
The Dark & Damnable
The Undestroyable
Centuries Of Sin

Composição: Dave Growl

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