Young Girls

Princess Nokia

Metallic Butterfly

Butterfly wings, rats in the spring
And I'm golden from my toes and
And I'm reading palms, and I'm singing songs
Got the neo-soul, I got it tongue-tied
See it in my eye, see it in my thigh
Rollin' around, singin', no frown
Figure of speech, analogy
Simile, an allegory
Rhymes get me tongue-tied, speech of my third eye
Angels on my side, rain that is God's cry
Emanate the shaman sound
Bathe in dirt in the ground
Now there's village and people, we all play our part
There's naked children running all about
Mothers and sisters, daughters and son
Room for everyone, room for everyone
Dancing and singing, no phone is ringing
Babies is peeing while they aunties is cleaning

Young girls, patrons of the earth
Young girls, take care of all the earth
Young girls, they need they own respect
Young girls, carry babies from they neck
Young girls, young girls
Young girls, young girls
Young girls, young girls, patrons of the Earth
Young girls, young girls, young girls

Nipples dripping, nectar for the youth
We play with plants and we don't watch cartoons
Wash in the rivers and prepare our food
This is what young girls, young girls do
Goddess of the moon, stars, and the sky
Jah took me high and Baal get me by

Young girls, young girls, young girls

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