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Never do That


The Best Of Pretenders

Let me stay
One more day
It would mean so much to me
I won´t make a sound
I just hang around
I´ll sit where the last one sat
But oh no
I´d never do that

Take my mouth as far as you can see
It stretches farther than I care to think
Put me out of my misery
If I could keep it shut
I wouldn´t be in this rout
With last chance than a laboratory rat
Oh no
I´d never do that

You´re a master of illusion
You say you do,but you don´t
You think I will
I know I won´t

When I see you sitting there
It stretches a shock right through me
I´d never thought an ordinary chair
Could have such poetry

I don´t deserve your time
I haven´t got the tact
I live above my means in fact

Oh no I´d never do that

Never do that
never do that

Composição: Chrissie Hynde

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