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Louie Louie


Pretenders II they come
Now louie louie had his day
Nothin' gonna change it now
The rats and snakes will never fade away
Not while I'm alive
Hey! hey! hey! hey!
There come the cossacks
The road spiders
The super gliders
Burnin' trash, flickin' class, all the white trash
Hey! hey! hey! hey!

Now louie louie had his time
Seemed like only yesterday
Sandy and harry got married and moved away
'cause they had nothin' left to say
You with the glasses, I'll see you later
We'll find love I know
Rockin', reelin', double dealin',
one more time this time with feelin'
Hey! hey! hey! hey!
Go boys, yeah!

You move so fine
Yeah what a scene I said
Mmm, kinda aquiline
Yeah baby saw through this now
You smell so good
Yeah, and your shirt's always pressed
You'll be the best inside my baby
Yeah, we're all under arrest now!

Louie Louie made his mark
On this tender heart of mine
The jamaican moon don't let it get dark
Though we rock out in the night time

Yeah! let's get on outta here now, let's go!

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