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Thursday The 12th


"It was one of those days when I
should not have woken up"
...Yeah, woken up

In who´s bed am I lying?
I see a bearded lady with a hairy knees
This can´t be true, too bad for me
Ugliest creature I´ve ever seen

Yeah, right - Going fine
I´ve made love to the cloone of divine

Gotta get out of here!

I forget to get dressed
Only a few thousand people
See me running naked

She-male beast is far away
At last I´m back at home
Today it´s thursday the 12th
What will happen tomorrow?

At home there´s another surprise for me
Burglers have been there and taken everything
They left only a one pair of jeans
Bad luck, they just don´t fit on me

Thursday the 12th

Suddenly someone knocks on the door
Who the hell could it be
Two policemen are standing there
I wonder if they would help me

Thursday the 12th

Bullshit, they are not very helpful
They just arrest me
Today it´s thursday the 12th
I´m not looking forward to friday

At least I get some clothes
But still I would rather go home
It´s illegal to run naked
That´s why I am arrested

Yeah, right - Going fine
On me the sun won´t shine

Which is worse
Friday the 13th or a thursday
With a curse?

Now the day is turning to its end
What a relief
Today it´s thursday the 12th
Tomorrow it´s friday the 13th

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