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Species To Pieces


Poachers - hiding in the bushes
With riffles - the riffles are loaded
Sights - searching the aim
Find it - and the killing begins

Kill and kill again just for money
Man´s greed does it again
Life bleeds away, drifts to the ground
What is the point?

Innocent ape tries to escape
But the bullet is on its way
Poachers become boisterous
"This was bloody good day"

BUTCHERY, so raw and mean
But what you won´t do for money
Greedy pigs, they kill for fee
They are in it only for money

Tear the hands off and dry `em well
Don´t forget the head
A tourist will get a nice new ashtray
Everlasting pet, already dead

Headless corpse stays behind
It doesn´t wave goodbye
Who has the right to take its life
Species to pieces, why?

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