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Do you know what is prestige
That´s something what you won´t need
Or do you wanna pose around with your money
Is that what you want? Is that what you want?
People on their knees
Begging you to give
"Oh, please your highness help me please"
Is that what you want? Is that what you want?

Prestige is only a concept
A concept that I really hate
Man is ment to be a human being
With money that can´t be changed

"Better people" they are not what they think
In my eyes they´re nothing
Self-satisfied lousy superficials
Inside a human that can´t escape

High society - PRESTIGE
What has it done to you?
Proud pig hear the truth
Forget your limo, your jewels
You´re not almighty
There´s a better society
People with feet on the ground
They don´t fly in the clouds

In your eyes they´re nothing
You hate them and they hate you too

Do you think that you don´t have to bow
Fool you´re a slave to your money
Stop to think try to realize
There´s much better things in life than...

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