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Naughty Granny


My granny bot bored sitting at home
She wanted to have some action
She rode on her bike to the liquer store
And whiskey gave satisfaction

My GRANNY - went out of her mind
GRANNY - she started to terrorize

Granny stole a skateboard from
A by-passing anthrax fanatic
Skated like a hurricane and
Spread chaos in the city

Granny HERE - granny THERE - granny everywhere
Granny HERE - granny THERE - granny everywhere

Run for cover granny is coming
Granny is coming for you
Granny is here to spread some fear
Granny is so cruel
Empty streets, children scream
Granny - she´s the beast

Granny HERE - granny THERE - granny everywhere

Come on granny let´s go home
Let´s bake those lovely bisquits
Hey granny calm down
There´s Dallas on TV
Stop that don´t bite that dog
You might get hydrophobia
Don´t break that window
Don´t hit that fucking wino

At last she got tired
She needs her daily sleep
75 years behind
But still she made some action

All´s well again granny´s at home

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