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Miserable Life


Born in a slum, surrounded by poverty
Orphan bastard, childhood in a misery
Got no parents, stealing for living
Got no home, life without feelings

Days of youth he spent in a prison
Innocent young sentenced without reason
Using drugs more and more everyday
Getting in too deep, there´s no escape
There´s no escape

Happiness is what he seeks
But life is cruel and he´s too weak

Miserable life
Miserable life

Best years of life living in gutters
Sick alcoholic, there´s nothing that matters
No one cares, no family behind
Got no friends but still he wants to try

He wants to live, he feels no sorrow
He hopes for a better tomorrow
Realm of death is calling for him
He won´t give up, he keeps on fighting
Fighting for life

A helping friend is what he needs
But none can help him he´s in too deep

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