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Would you like to have an amazing
Journey into my mind
So you could see there´s just maggots inside me

INSANE - can´t sleep at nights
INSANE - they gorge in my mind
INSANE - my lovely little pets
I´m insane

My world of ideas has been damaged
Because of the hunger of my pets
They eat so much until they are fet

Maggots crawl - inside my head - inside my eyes
Why should I - suffer this pain - I´m going to go
Down the drain - I´m out of my brain - is it all
In vain - I´m insane

When it gets silence - I hear them inside there
I close my eyes and listen - they gorge inside my head

Tell me is my mind yet dead
Tell me can I think

Can I think at all - these confused dreams
I really don´t care - I wanna close my eyes eternally

Please come and set me free
Reaper of the grim

My thoughts they don´t make any sense
They will end but I don´t know when
But what will happen to my maggots then?

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