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From The Cradle To The Grave


They don´t like what I´m seeing
They don´t care how I feel
Soft white walls of this madhouse
That´s what my life´s about

They think it´s kind of an obsession
So the experiments just go on
I´m allright, not insane
Don´t shoot that dope up my vein

I opened my eyes
Visions started to crawl in my mind
I closed my eyes
Day of death turned into night
I opened my eyes
Darkness still didn´t disappear
There´s no light
I ripped out my own eyes

I wanted the fear to go away so much
Those bad visions were so weird
I saw strange things every day & night
I lived inside them, I lived in fear
With my hands I dug out my eyes
Fell onto my knees, began to cry
That was useless, they live in my mind
I still see them, even now that I´m blind

I cross my hands and pray
Oh God, release me from this pain
I can´t rip out my brain
But I can´t live this way

Selfmade brain surgeries
From LSD to PCP
Reality, too much for me
I see things no-one should see

Now I wither away
Slowly day by day
So much I´ve lost on my way
From the cradle to the Grave

...From the cradle to the Grave
...From the cradle to the Grave
...From the cradle to the Grave

...Just another living corpse...

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