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Brain Outburst


Last evening´s past and you´ve drunk a lot
Think it´s the hangover but it isn´t what you got
Wander to the loo your stomach pushes all out
Your ears start to bleed the pain it makes you shout

You scream the cry of agony
You scream the cry of pain
You scream the cry of agony
You scream but nothing changes

Feel your head it swells
Fall onto your knees full of pain
There´s something unnecessary in your head
You scream but nothing changes

The pulsation on your temples it rises
You wanna get your fucking head empty
Something strange is happening now
And at once the pain has gone away

With relief you start to walk
But you slip and you fall
You look back at the reason why
Your brain is lying on the floor...

...Can you feel this pain?

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