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Bed Time Story


Now it´s time to go to bed
Uncle Erbuk tells you a story
I´ll paint on your wall
The horrors of war
This will be really scary

Would you like to hear
My little dear
What can easily kill millions?
Push one button down
Hear a peeping sound
The nuclear war is on

What a beautiful sight
In this glorious night
Get this into your mind
Colours fill the sky
Those incredible lights
Burn your skin and eyes

The people who are left
Are gonna starve to death
Fall-out poisons the food
Concrete cell
Is your private hell
The shelter turns into a grave

Now sleep my baby, sleep really well
Dream about this earthly hell
Close your eyes, close them tight
Enter your eternal night

For a bedtime story...this was really cruel
But I want you to face the truth
This bedtime story...puts you in a deep sleep
This might be reality

If war breaks out
It´s the end, no doubt
Think about it alone

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