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Come to daddy...

Finally I found myself a woman
I spyed my father at night
I found her in my dad´s wardrobe
Her skin: as smooth as silk, thin & plastic

It doesn´t bother me that
She used to belong to my father
It´s OK, I´m not a virgin either
But I can´t squeeze her tight
She´d run out of air, yes she might
My lungs are too weak to fill her again
I hope she doesn´t love strong men

She has a pretty name: Barbarella
Printed on her sole: Barbarella
She has a serial number down there
She´s special, that´s all I care

It´s difficult to find out
Wishes of my date
It´s quite hard for her
To communicate
Someone has drawn years ago
Big red flowers on her skin
That´s how I know for sure
She was not a virgin

Night time I wet her with my sweat
Plastic rubs one´s human flesh

But I´m quite sure that she loves my games
She keeps her mouth shut
When I take her both ways

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