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Breakfast With the Moon


She want me, I know it, even tho' I'm broken
When she look at me, I see, that she's also hopeless
I notice her emotion flowin' out, her heart is open
Because she trust me, I think she loves me
I hold her close with passion, imagining what could happen
She acting like a bandage, she healing all my damage
Yeah she's the one I've been waiting for to, land on my planet
Unlike them other girls she got my back and she won't stab it
This is true love, no there's not a plot twist
Knowing what she's thinking, yes I'm friends with her conscience
Clearing out my toxins every time we talkin'
Kiss me in the dark, middle of our movie watching
You the best thing and everything a friend could be
You got my heart locked up, I could never leave
Staying up late at night when we textin'
My plate's full but time with you I'll keep on spending (okay)

I hate it when you're not with me
'Cus it feels like something's missing
'Cus it feels like something's missing
I hate it when you're not with me
I hate it when you're not with me
'Cus it feels like something's missing

Ay, ay
Imma show you everything and everything I hide behind
Tell you my whole story, I can take you back to '99
Loving you's a sequence, keeps my heart beaten
Imma keep you warm even if it means I'm freezing
Used to act reckless, then I met you
We both eatin' breakfast underneath moon
People think we crazy from the stupid things we do
I love it when you're weird, 'cus I know I'm weird too
Yeah, that's just how we live, acting like some kids
Running with the bugs through the grass in the mist
Girl I'll give you everything, that's my final offer
I can be your knight, protect you from the monsters, yuh

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