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    Yeah, drop it like it's hot kid
    Huh, so let's set this off
    Uhh - c'mon (yeah baby c'mon)
    Uhh, yeah baby c'mon (yeah baby c'mon)
    Uhh, yeah baby c'mon (yeah baby c'mon)
    Uhh, yeah baby c'mon (yeah baby c'mon, kick it)

    Minnie the Moocher, bad hoochie-coocher
    Innocent sweet but the girl might shoot ya
    In your back, because she moves like dat
    So let me run it to your tapes, microphone yo contact
    Minnie used to be a fly girl (fly girl)
    By the way, she used to be my girl (my girl)
    But now she's a floozie and got a, kid with an uzi
    And the question I asked her was why girl (why girl)
    Now you can call this freak a good looker (yeah)
    Or you can call the (ho) a good hooker
    But a guy came by with a (dick) that was bigger than mine
    And guess what he took her - come down!

    Minnie de moocha, minnie de moocha
    Minnie de moocha she a bad oochie coo-cha
    Ya don't know'er, I and I introduce ya
    Sha pask here come fling-da-ding, what I know

    For this girl I was lost in the sauce and had to pay the cost
    In order to be the boss
    I was on it but knew how she was livin
    And every time I seen her it seems that I was driven
    Posess will posess you like "The Exorcist"
    She was, so bad the devil's son-in-law he couldn't even resist
    It was said in the bed she was wicked
    Married men, they couldn't help but stop and kick it
    Fellas passin her was harassin her

    "You got a man," they was frequently askin her
    And she loved that, stone to the bone
    And wouldn't give it up, not even for a happy home
    Not for a man and a family
    But every Friday night, they was bettin that she was sure to be
    At your local discotech
    Dancin dirty, uhh, and workin up a sweat
    The neighborhood heart breaker
    And once you made her yours, the next man would come and take her

    Away to the Casbah
    Because you didn't have it goin on, up to par
    I'm a million dollar man but I'm not Steve Austin
    You can take the cake but what's the cake without frostin
    Success ain't nothin without someone to share it with
    Except a girl with a Robin Givens starter kit
    She did it hit it and quit it and now she's gone
    See ya!But ya know I know

    "Patois chat here may be wrong")

    Minnie de moocha, minnie de moocha
    Minnie de moocha she a bad oochie coo-cha
    This is a gyal who won't no keep one lover
    She no care fi no guy and don't want no
    Pocket man you haffi have sold a lot
    Crisp Benz wha you drivin a Path-finder
    You haffi, live de life of a big-timer (and what else)
    Minnie de moocha not ga deal witcha, come down

    She knew a guy named Smokey (Smokey)
    She loved him a lot, because he used to buy her coke see "sniff"
    Yeah gram after gram (mmm)
    She kinda remind me of this girl named Pam
    But Minnie looked much better
    To top it off, she had a ninety-two Jetta
    Now that's a girl who love to ball

    She didn't want a lot of things cause hey, she wanted it all
    Him, him and him
    Yeah the guy with the Benz and the five-star rims
    She had a million dollars in nickels and dimes
    And sat around and counted 'em all a million times
    She was tall, fly, and skinny
    And if you don't know I'm talkin bout Minnie the Moocher

    Minnie de moocha, minnie de moocha
    Minnie de moocha she a bad oochie coo-cha
    Minnie de moocha, minnie de moocha
    Ya don't know'er, I and I introduce ya
    (more patois that may be wrong)

    Listen me and in me rasta
    Long time dis ya gal I and I a check for
    But when they, turn me back she run go with me brudda
    She want me, run off and have sex witcha
    Want me, fetch the ras me want fi go look for ya
    An' lick a hole inna ya head a with me millimeter
    She don't want no, pocket man she want a big spenda
    Dis run a ting, I and I no check for, so come!

    Minnie de moocha, minnie de moocha
    Minnie de moocha she a bad oochie coo-cha
    Ya don't know'er

    (Positive, Positive, oooooh, another hit baby) (2x)

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