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Not Like Me (Freestyle)

Pop Smoke

Woo shit, straight shit
Got nuthin on me
Look, look
Fifty shots up in this deck, I won't let 'em
Xd, a nigga totin' Beretta
Shoot first and do yourself a favor
Report like I'm Craig Sager
Back out, a nigga ain't with the bluffin'
Drug war, a nigga shoot you for nothin'
Ten toes up on your block like I'm drummin'
Ask K, I have em runnin' (It's Pop Smoke)
It's that nigga from the floss, yeah, bitch right back
And I don't politic 'cause niggas ain't like that
I drop a slip or two and get a light pack
And I don't care if you losin', still fight back
Manslaughter any homicides, whole bunch of mamas cry
Whole bunch of niggas die, looking up I wonder why
Why niggas sucked my Glock
I'm still screaming R. I. P to all my fallen soldiers
From now on I give hard shells like tacos, Big woo I'm nacho
Still ducking potholes and still dumping that Thai hoe
I ain't gon front Imma leader man
I be rollin' beaters man
Hit homeruns like I'm jeter man
Pick pockets like I'm peter pan
Dripped in Adidas man
And I wish it would fit
Think about robbing me and you gon catch a full clip
I'm from the flossy where niggas keep the steel around here
Couple lines no folks but gorillas 'round here
If you don't bang what I bang then don't chill around here
Bullets sang if you fuck around you get killed around here

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