Pop Smoke

Hawk Em

Pop Smoke

Uh, hah
Big, what up?
Trav, what up?
(This is a Melo beat)
Yo, Boof, what up?
It's big 092mlboa, uh
K with it, K with it

Niggas know that we don't play with it
Big. 38 gon' hawk 'em
Two stripes, saucy
Bentley, park it
Hit him up if he Team Larkin
I keep a Tec when I'm walkin'
Hands off the whip when I'm parking, uh
It's still Amiri for the denim
I bet I send 'em to heaven

They take advantage if you let 'em, uh
Blue dot, stalking
I like my white opps blue, uh
K with it, K with it
'Cause I got some black ops too
Walk in, walk out
What the fuck is all the talk 'bout?
I bet I shake up the room
Get straight passion

Zip 'em up, bag 'em
Louis V, Louis V, Louis V
Sp, Zoovie
I bet he make a movie (woop, woop)
I bet he clap your kufi
K with it
Niggas know that we don't play with it
I make an action movie
Raining, pouring
Say the wrong thing and we on 'em
Three stripes, chalk 'em

Lighting, thunder
And bro just beat a body
They tried to give him a quarter
Earthquake, cordless
Pop Smoke gorgeous
I'm a gentlemen and gangster
Double G
Niggas know there's only one of me
Big. 38 gon' hawk 'em

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