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Fuck You

Pop Smoke

Fuck you, fuck the plane you flew in on
Fuck those shoes, fuck those socks with the belt on it
Fuck yo' gay fairy faggot accent
Fuck them cheap ass cigars
Fuck your yuck mouth teeth
Fuck your hair piece
Fuck your chocolate
Fuck Guy Ritchie
Fuck Prince William, fuck the Queen
This is America, nigga
Our president is black, my lambo is blue, nigga
Now get the fuck out my hotel room and if I see you in the streets, I'ma smack the shit out you (Woo)

11 dollars an hour ain't enough to live
So I'ma go in every store and I'ma swipe this shit
They tried to lock a nigga up and I'm like "Fuck a pig"
But either way, mommy still gon' love her kid
Just took 20 from the city, they like "Who is you? "
A lot of niggas talkin' shit that they don't really do
I'm 'bout to turn my Air Force 1's into a Gucci shoe
I'm 'bout to turn my Timberlands into a Yeezy boot
My president is black, my bandanna is blue
Diamonds drippin', got me glistenin' like I came out the pool
I'm so exotic, like I came out the zoo
But I shot out the coupe
Got the scope with a clear eye view, woo
I put a dot on your head and then say hallelujah
Then know I'ma do ya'
Turn your head Medusa
Aimin' for medulla
Cooler than a cooler
Shooter with a shooter
That's ruger with a ruger
20k all in a day
5 for the lawyer, 10 for the safe
Stacks heavy with the rent, I'm like "Why wait? "
I'm the hottest in the city, in the tri-state
We tryna raise up the crime rate
I just pulled up to your block in an i8
Strapped and I'm ready
She want it in her belly
Damn all I gave her was a glass and some Henny, yeah, yeah
put you on a plate
We don't do it on the 'net, we do it face to face
But if you talkin' on that 'net, I'll put you on your face

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