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Big 13 Gang (Feat. Lil Hank & Choppa Wop)

Pooh Shiesty

Shiesty Season

Blrrd, blrrd, blrrd
Ayy big thirteen gang
Ayy, let's go, let's go

Draco kicking no karate, I snuck the Glock in the party (Kung fu)
My niggas they go retarted, dump you like some fucking garbage
223 hit his body, now his ass a trending topic (Blrrd, Blrrd)
Bullets flying, niggas hidin', mask on, out there robbin'
It's the sitch' you know the bitch, chopper Glocks we got the rich
Hit yo' block up just like that (Blrrd)
You know the rest
Ayy blrrd, you know what's next
We fo' deep and we a threat
He say slime and I say set
Matter fact hang where you at

Just threw it in cruise control
Hoping I don't lose control, tryna send me a text
It's sixty six three like a jet, shoot you in yo' head gotta hit you two times in yo' chest
Know you gon' survive after that
I know yo' mama gon' be crying after that (After that)
I know it's gon' be a fish fry after next (After next)
Hit the block ten more times after that
We fine, niggas gon' be dying (Blrrd, blrrd)
This ain't ya time
I drink Henn', don't fuck with wine
Want water, pour fo's and sprite (Water water)
Two double cup, get some ice (Ice)
We finna be lit tonight, skippin' town, taking flights (Tonight, let's go)
Ski masks up and take a life (Let's go)

Gang for life of three, we play a big part in this shit (Big part)
Behind the housing shit won't work (No)
The chop' I shoot go through the bricks (Shoot through)
I put my all up on the line, I still be slidin', I'm taking risks (We slidin', we taking risks)
You better not stop firing 'til it's empty, just keep shooting until it click (Blrrd, blrrd, blrrd, blrrd)
I'm a big snake, you a rat, you know them two won't ever mix (Know the two won't ever mix)
Just look at him, he gon' tell, these niggas two times six (He tellin', he's a snake, he twelve)
But we got whatever you need, tell Wop what you tryna get (What you gon' get)
Just look at my clientele, we got [?] , I'll check the list (Huh)
This something you know (Let's go)
And when I'm standing down, everybody 'round me known to blow (Blrrd)
And ain't no nigga pushed up on us, we the ones who up the scope (Yah)
The 'ops be talking like they slime but I ain't gotta scratch a soul (No)
We caught his ass moving fast and hit 'em up he die slow

Blrrd, blrrd
We hit 'em up he die slow
Blrrd, blrrd, blrrd, blrrd, blrrd
He die slow, ya, thirteen gang just so you know
Pulling out with them Dra-, we hopping out let 'em blow
Blrrd, blrrd, thirteen, thirteen, gang, new, gang
Thirteen, blrrd, new gang
FOE, one, three, the new gang, blrrd

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