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No More Eatin'

Plan B

Who Needs Actions When You Got Words

No More Eatin' For Them Now,
No More Eatin' For Them Now,
No More Eatin' For Them Now,
No More Eatin',
No More Eatin' For Them Now,
No More Eatin' For Them Now,
No More Eatin' For Them Now,
No More Eatin' For Them Now,

All started when i was eight,
First time I ever got ate,
What a Piece of cake,
Mans eatin' off me like i was a plate,
Now I'm in the estate,
Walking the streets of Gate,
With eyes ? with tears streaming down my bloodshot face
because some irish kid just took my bike away,
Now my stepdad's pissed,
And he's looking for this pikey breh,
Asking me what he looked like,
I told him his clothes were nikey make,
I felt so ashamed,
When he asked me why
i let him take my bike
without putting up a fight
all i could do was turn away,
Turn the page 6 years later
now i'm 14 years of age,
lifes a daze so my brain
smoking too much purple haze.. haze,
High is how i spend my days,
Still i feel to snap,
Coz though im holdin it down at school,
At street im still gettin jacked,
Still gettin attacked and ask why i cant find the balls to hit them back,
Hit em back,
Eat up these cats like i eat up a track,
Its only when i turned 16 that i start facin facts,
Saw how the weed made me act,
Kicked the habit like it was laced with crack.


No more thinkin too deep,
I aint who your crew eats,
Coz now i do peeps,
And its worse than when i slew peeps,
Hit em hard like new beats,
Straight out the studio,
Got a dangerous mind that is spitting more dangerous rhyme than Coolio,
As i walk through the Valley,
Of the shadow of death,
Now im 18 years of age and im shottin the zest,
I still aint got no bucky or no bulletproof vest,
Just a world full of pain for the next cunt who tries test,
Im 19 years to the day,
And its been 3 since someones tried it,
As soon as they do imma knock their lights out like they ultraviolet,
They got their eyes on my stash,
But try to stand,
They know im makin cash no while it brasts coz im keepin it quiet,
But i shot the choongest pen it aint no secret,
And given half a chance yo half these cats would wanna eat it,
Plus they know i dont get high so my supply builds up their appetite,
And now they wanna feed it,
Take me for a fuckin eji,
I always new it was gonna happen,
So when it did i beat the kid til he was blue n black n told him who you think your jackin?,
Packed a punch yes a punch yes thats what i was packin,
Hit the fuckin cunt so hard he already started bluttin,
Before he hit the floor like a sack of potatoes,
Face plant- knocked the teeth right out his cake hole,
Then sent him on his way yo with somethin to say though,
Thought i was somethin to eat up you made a mistake bro,
You made a mistake bro,
You just made the biggest fuckin mistake of your sorry little fuckin life bro

[Chorus x 3]

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