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The Black Is Never Far

Place Of Skulls

Awaken to this day, body's already starved
Continuation, the black is never far
My heart seeks the light, but thoughts are bask in dark
It starts with a tear, then rips into a scar

As I stand right here, my honesty has to speak
Your drugs of contentment couldn't hold me down in peace
I've got an urge to kill, and god I know it's wrong
Save me lord save me, don't need no prison yard as home

Save my soul before my last love is hate
Then I won't beg for patience and I'll become fail safe

I got a beautiful woman who stands strong at my side
And a mighty god in Father Yah, still my reasons just don't rhyme
A little pill supposed to kill and let my anger subside
But if I slit a wrist or connect my fist, would an innocent face survive

I'm getting much too close while looking to turn back
And I can see the end of my rope, how it's frayed and unwrapped
A blast from the past can't exonerate my goals
To a peaceful end in a six foot black hole
© 2006

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