Place Of Skulls

Now I don my electric axe
I'm gonna lay you on your back
All psyched up, ready to go
They take you to hell, won't you say hello
Walk with me through the black house
What a wild trip, such a louse
Feel the power as it prevails
As you listen to sinister tales

Why do you hold your head so low
Are you afraid of your mystical soul
Feel the metal and feel it deep
Out from the walls flows true belief
When in doubt what do you do
Do you know how to see it through
Forever in your life will he forgive
Wasting your soul he once gave

Do you know my name, I doubt if you do
But you'd be surprised if I told it to you
Looks are deceiving, I'm not what I seem
For I got more power than you may believe
Oh take it

So relentless, oh yeah!
So relentless!

©1982 / © 2006

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