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Love She Gave

Place Of Skulls

As my world crumbles all around me
I search for answers lying within
What a fool I've been to not have seen
What once was mine, the love she gave.
And so I bare the pain of an unwanted life
The birth of mind broken down in pieces
This infliction of my misery
My body lives but my heart and soul I've cheated.
Never again will I know such love
Such emotion only once could I find
Now in detachment, I'm drifting away
Execution for my blindness but I've been granted a stay.
I can't carry on this self-injustice
Time feels so ripped and torn
Dreams, all my everything
Tears, closer to the end of mourn.
Age is upon me, I live and learn
There's a light out there at every turn
What a fool I've been to not have seen
What is mine, the love she gives.


(Lyrics by Victor Griffin - Music by Griffin, Abney, & Tomaselli) ©2002

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