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Pixie Lott

Hearing it before on bad terms, bad terms
I'll never get with you.
I'll never ever listen what the neighbors say, or
Don't say, it's so predictable.
I've heard it all a million times, or maybe more,
Same old story.

It"s boring;
I'm snoring wake me up in the morning.
I'm particular
'Bout, who I get with,
It's ridiculous,
To even think that you're in with a chance.
Oh, you must be tripping boy,
Oh, you're my whipping boy.
Not with that chat,
That's not where it's at.
I'm just a little bit more particular.

You turn up all uninvited, no surprises;
'Cos my memory.
It serves me well, just laugh again
You did the same thing that you always did.
Hammering me with phone calls, texts and downloads.

(Chorus x4)

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