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Love You To Death

Pixie Lott

Young Foolish Happy

I bring out the best in you
But you bring out the worst in me
There's nothing that I wouldn't do for you
But you don't give me anything

Wish that I was strong enough to weather the storm
My friends are saying they don't recognize me from before
When I say I'll leave, you don't believe me anymore

Cause you know that I'll always be there
Maybe that's why you don't care
So just take it all and watch how I fall
Always thinking you'll catch me
You are killing me slowly
I keep holding my breath cause I love you to death
I love you to death, I love you to death

You're the reason I still hope
You're the reason I still joke
You used to be in love, would take my hurt away
But now you love to watch me break

How am I supposed to leave if you refuse to let me go?
Don't know how I ever let you have so much control
Everytime you're feeling high you make me feel so low


Everytime you come back, I believe it
But I know that you don't really mean it
You're so good being bad that I buy it
Everytime you come around

You're the reason I still hope
You're the reason I still joke


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