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Global Warming (Intro) (Feat. Sensato)


Global Warming: Meltdown

Up in this a new million
You heard me, sensato
It's mr. worldwide
Y el mundo helpatio
Let my dreams yall dormant
Category 6's are stormin
Take this as a, take this a warning
Welcome to, welcome to global warming

I'm tired of this rap shit cuz all they do is rap shit
About coke shit, crack shit, click clack shit
But they never sold coke or click clack shit
That's why i'm laughing to the bang, ha-ha bitch
Private jets, i'm on that mile high shit
Without denver, i'm going to november
Earth, wind, fire, i'm all for september
George lopez puta, you remember
Non-stop about bankers and lenders
Fuck these fake sugar ass niggas splendor
I see your game, your plan, your agenda
They'll push your shit way back to nintendo
No facebook, twitter or instagram
I do it for the paper, i'm a business man
If you get it that's cool
It's all about the billionaires baby, welcome to the new school

It's all about them billionaires
I'm so fucking serious
Look, i love them zeros, they looking like cheerios
Monty like i bury it, yall nigga gotta hurry up
My team is in your area, 

leukemia, yall bronkers got anemia
So if you get it that's cool
It's all about them billionaires baby, welcome to the new school

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