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Noticed I Cried


to hell with it

It was only last week you said
"We don't really have that much in common"
But what did you really gain from it?
We split in two, now you don't want me
Now it's the start of July
You thought that you broke my heart
And now every time that you see me you vanish
'Cause you assumed you really mattered
But I was sound, I had it patterned
Now you're a burden of mine

Did you notice I cried, but only just a little bit (Yeah!)
Tell you I like things split down in the middle
'Cause you're taking one side, not the side that I like
Because you know I can't lie when you're in my mind

You're too cruel to be kind, and I know that from experience
I can hear your replies, but it's maybe that I'm hearing things
And I've heard all your lines, there's no lines that I like
So I'll take that as a sign, you're a burden of mine (Hey!)

Burden of mine, mine
(Of, of) Mine
Of my

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