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    It ain't right

    I'm not gay, but if I was, I would want equal rights
    I'm not gay, but if I were, I would marry who I like
    It's not fair - I'm not gay - that the government has a say
    In who can love who (not gay)
    Or to which god you can pray (I'm n'gay)

    It gets me so angry, on behalf of them
    I feel passionate (not gay)
    So I'll pray for them and I say for them
    "We need to make a change" (not gay)
    I see it clear as day
    This area is not great, kiddies
    We need equality and for all to see
    that this is the new way (not gay)
    It just seems (not gay) wrong (not gay)
    That no one seems to care (sports)
    We can't continue to pretend
    This (not gay) madness has to end (not gay)

    I was born this way (Straight)
    You were born your way (Gay)
    Gay or straight, straight or gay, it's all okay (Sure)
    It's time to make a change (Yes)
    It's time to stop the hate (Uh)
    Cause who you are is beautiful (Not gay)

    We can't live this way (n'gay)
    We can't turn away (n'gay)
    So I make this vow (titties)
    The time for change is now (sports)

    Lying in bed next to ten beautiful girls (all straight)
    And while I made love to every one of them
    I was thinking about the world (hot wings)

    How is it that I can have so much straight sex
    while two dudes are oppressed (not gay)
    For having sex (not gay)
    Or putting on a wedding dress (I assume)
    I don't really know that much about it
    (beef jerky tastes good)
    Politics are important
    And if girls wanna have sex with me
    cause I said this, so be it (n. gay)
    I'm not a hero, I'm just speaking the truth
    I'm not a hero. Don't call me a hero
    (Beer, hoagie, sweat pants, not gay)
    Yeah, Not a hero (titties, not gay)

    I'm not a hero
    (I'm just a person)
    So don't call me a hero
    (Not some kind of world leader)
    I just want equal rights (Yeah)
    And to sleep at night (Yeah)
    Next to a girl

    True love trumps all (predator)
    (Flying kicks, not gay, big watch)
    (Not gay, missionary) One Love
    (Gym socks, nunchuck and not gay)
    (Lighter fluid, Hd, Ninja) World peace
    (4-wheel drive) Gay marriage (love beef)
    Free love (golf clubs)
    Two guys (not gay)
    Rainbow (muff dive)
    Harvey Milk Sean Penn (not gay)
    (Drum solo, courtside seats) Same sex
    (One-armed push ups) Lynyrd Skynyrd

    I'm not gay, I'm not gay
    I'm not, not, not, not, n-n-n-not gay
    I'm not gay

    I was born this way (I'm straight)
    You were born your way (You're gay)
    Gay or straight, straight or gay, it's all okay
    (And now it's time for sexual freedom for all)
    It's time to make a change (Sexual freedom for all)
    It's time to stop the hate (Sexual freedom for all)
    Cause who you are is beautiful (Sexual freedom for all)
    (Not gay)

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