Green is the colour (Cifrada)

Pink Floyd

Cre/ation: The Early Years 1967–1972

Solo: E/-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/ B/--------------------------------8---10b12---10-8------------------------------------/ G/---------------4---5---7-9-------------------------9-7---5---4---4---5-4---7-5---/ D/---3-5---7-----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ A/-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/ E/-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/ E/-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/ B/---5---5---3---3-----------------------------------------------------------------------/ G/ --------------------5---5---4---4 ~2------5-4-2-4-2---2---4b5 ~2----------------/ D/----------------------------------------------------------4-----------------------------/ A /----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/ E /----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Legenda: ( - ) Slide ( b ) Band ( ~ ) Vibrato G C Heavy hung the canopy blue G C Shade my eyes and I can see you G Bm C White is the light that shines Em D D6 D D11 D Thru the dress yes you wore G C She lay in the shadows of a wave G C Hazy were the visions over played G Bm Sunlight in her eyes C Em D But moonshine made her cry ev'ry time Solo G C Green is the color of her kind G C Quickness of eye decieves the mind G Bm Envy is the bond between C Em D D6 D D11 D D6 D The hoperful and the damned

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