Double o Bo

Pink Floyd

1965: Their First Recordings

Bo Diddley was a private eye
Hand was fast and his Iq high
Da said "Double O you won't last
Slow down boy, you livin' too fast"

Well Double O had a Cadillac
Machine guns and a bullet-proof pack
Engine taken from a 707
Sounds like showed the way to heaven

In his pocket, 5 pounds of lead
Skipped Bo Diddley from getting dead
Only thing that held Bo keeping alive
Was a snuff no sweating Wesson Colt 45

Well Bo drank gallons of rye and bourbon
"Martini is dry, and you better serve them"
Martini so dry the shaker burst
Bo killed on his sight, and died at first

Compositor: Syd Barrett

Letra enviada por Igor de Braga Campos

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