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    It’s been far too long
    We’ve known all along
    This was going on
    Can’t seem to respond
    To anything so we carry on
    With our lives
    We rewind
    We can’t find
    We deny
    The simple fact that we haven’t done anything
    That doesn’t mean that we can’t start offering
    Why do we feel so far / It’s like we’re seeing stars
    Why does it seem so hard?
    To wake up now and see who we really are
    So let go
    Don’t follow
    Where do we go from here
    How did it disappear
    It’s hard to see with our own eyes
    These times (these lies)
    We’ve been hypnotized
    I think its time we try
    To open up our eyes
    And look away from the very thing
    That’s made us cry, we’re hypnotized
    And you’ll see
    The real me
    It can be stopped
    If the tick tock of life isn’t all that you got
    So come ready or not wake up its your last shot
    So come to
    And redo
    Wake up now
    Now it has been far too long
    How can we not go wrong
    Bring Me Down
    Back in the day when nothing really mattered to me
    I only saw with my eyes what they wanted to see
    And everything around me seemed to never change
    Looking for an easy way out someone to blame
    Why does it work this way still today?
    We wanna take somebody down along the way
    But I won’t let that one be me
    Cause I don’t want the drama it brings
    See today isn’t back in the day anymore
    I know a little more than I did before
    So don’t forget before you try bringing me down
    What goes around always comes back around
    You can’t bring me down
    Do you hear what I’m trying to say
    You can’t bring me down
    I’ll never turn the other way
    You can’t bring me down
    What is it you’re trying to say?
    You can’t bring me down
    It’s not like I’m running away
    So you think you can see inside my mind
    You probably could if you took a little time
    I know exactly what you’re trying to say
    Sitting in the stands is not the same as playing the game
    So I can’t comprehend in my mind
    Just why we can’t leave it all behind
    Come on stand beside and hold the line
    Cause tonight is the night we cry
    Why can’t we feel what it takes for us to be real?
    Why can’t we see what it takes for us to believe?
    Why do we say all of these things that bring us down?
    Holding On
    Times are changing
    Rearranging all the raging
    Over little things
    Has got me all confused
    And I don’t know why but it seems I
    Caught the big lie and I’m letting go
    And reaching out for truth
    So I can’t stop now til I find out
    What it’s all about and somehow
    Grab a hold so no one can take it away
    I’ll be holding on
    I see right where I belong
    I know everything that’s going on around me
    Your frustrations complications
    Time is wasting you better figure out
    Whether your wasting time
    It all comes down to
    I can’t make you feel what I do
    But I can feel for you
    So what do you got to lose?
    I’m gonna keep on holding on
    While all of this is going on
    I should’ve seen this all along
    But now I see where I went wrong
    That doesn’t mean I can’t be strong
    So now I’ve got to carry on
    It’s hard to see that I was gone
    I’ll stay right here where I belong
    Let It Out
    I don’t know if we’ll ever really see the day
    When we look around
    And we don’t know what to say
    How did we lose our way?
    I don’t know if we’ll ever really see a change
    If this is how we show our thanks
    I think its time we rearrange
    I don’t know if we’ll ever really breakaway
    We’ve been holding on for so long now
    I think we’re scared to runaway
    I don’t know if we ever really learned to pray
    So I drop down to my knees and I cry out
    Can you help me please?
    Let it out
    Can you hear me?
    Can you hear me cry?
    Let it out
    Don’t hold back all this I got inside
    We’ve got to let it out
    I don’t know if we’ll ever really be the same
    Or could it be
    That we feel a sense of shame
    We forgot from where we came
    I don’t know if we try to make it all a game
    I think its time we take the blame
    And get back rekindle this flame
    So when I cry out
    Are you listening?
    I know you can hear me
    You’re my comfort
    Can you hear me?
    You’re my comfort
    And you hear me
    I’ve made it so hard on myself
    Turning my back on how you felt
    Seeing a lie that led me on
    Leaving a love that did no wrong
    That’s what it took for me to say
    That you simply love
    Despite all the stupid things I’ve done
    It’s hard to remember that you simply love
    Even though I know not what I’ve done
    I’ve tried to do all this on my own
    Not thinking once of what you’ve shown
    All that I’ve done has blinded me
    To everything that you have for me
    I want you to know I finally see
    I don’t know why I can’t understand
    I don’t know why I can’t comprehend
    I don’t know why I can’t understand
    It seems just like yesterday
    Was the first time that I heard you call my name?
    Since then so much has changed
    I’m still the same man that I was before
    Knowing that I could be without anything
    Scares me away from being alone
    Now that I know what’s going on
    I can look back and see you
    I made you wait as I turned away
    If I could rewind
    And watch all my life
    Just pass me by
    I could see you
    If I could rewind
    I’d take back the lies
    And all of those times
    I hurt you
    I don’t know if I’ll ever know
    Exactly how much that I hurt you
    Knowing that hurts me everyday
    If I could rewind I would take it away
    And not make you wait
    And I won’t walk away
    I wanna take back all those lies
    I wanna take back all those times
    I wanna show you with my life
    That I am here for you
    It’s not like I’m walkin alone
    Into the valley of the shadow of death
    Stand beside one another
    Cause it ain’t over yet
    And I’d be willing to bet that if we don’t back down
    You and I’ll be the ones that are holding the crown
    In the end when it’s over we can say well done
    But not yet cause its only begun
    So pick up and follow me we’re the only ones
    To fight this thing until we’ve won
    We drive on and don’t look back
    Doesn’t mean we can’t learn from our past
    And all the things that we mighta done wrong
    We could’ve been doing this all along
    Everybody with your fist raised high
    Let me hear your battle cry tonight
    Stand beside or step aside
    We’re on the frontlines
    And we’ll be carrying on
    Until the day it doesn’t matter anymore
    Step aside you forgot what this is for
    We fight to live we live to fight and tonight you’ll hear my battle cry
    We live our lives out on the frontlines
    We’re not afraid of the fast times
    These days have opened up my eyes
    And now I see where the threat lies
    We’ve got to lead the way
    Underneath It All
    I can see you stepping to me
    Just by the look in your eyes
    You think that I can’t be who I am
    If I don’t live out your life
    But that’s alright cause
    I know who I am underneath it all
    I’m gonna be who I am through it all
    I can see you talking to me
    But I can’t hear what you say
    And all the words coming outta your mouth
    Have got me moving away
    But that’s okay
    But I won’t walk away from the place that I need to stay
    I don’t wanna be like you
    I don’t wanna be like me
    I wanna be like I AM
    The one that made me ME
    Dirty Little Secret
    Why can’t we try and understand
    All these images are out of hand
    And in demand by every man
    That thinks he’s on his own
    And all this time
    We’ve been heading nowhere really fast
    Never knowing that the past
    Would make us feel alone
    But now that all the covers blown
    You can see how much you’ve thrown
    Out the door don’t wait before you try and let this go
    You’ve got this dirty little secret
    And you’re trying hard to keep it
    Out of sight
    Out of mind
    But you can’t hide
    When will you see?
    That the end will come eventually
    But you can’t just let it be
    You have to take control
    And grab a hold of the one thing
    That can let you go
    It doesn’t matter what you know
    You’ll be stuck inside this hole
    Staring Back
    There seems to be something going on inside of you
    Maybe what you need is just another point of view
    But not from me that’s not for me to do
    So step back relax take a second look inside of you
    And you could see an image of yourself
    You never saw before despite all the trauma you’ve felt
    In one way or another we all are bright stars
    It’s just a simple way to find out who we really are
    Why do we let it out of control?
    Has all this taken a toll?
    I don’t know if we can take anymore
    We’ve got to stop and take a look in the mirror before
    Step back and take a look inside yourself
    From the outside you can see someone else
    Staring back at you it’s your reflection
    Why do you feel so empty every time you’ve had enough?
    Well maybe you don’t realize with what you’ve been filling up
    It’s plain to see that eventually you will see
    The Jekyll and Hyde game in your mind is just a simile
    Why do we let it out of control?
    I feel like all this has taken a toll
    I don’t know if we can take anymore
    We’ve got to stop and take a look in the mirror before
    Your perception has started to get a little numb
    And your perfection isn’t helping anyone
    Your reflection is the only way for you to see
    For your protection you need to see reality
    One Thing
    Sometimes our minds can make us believe
    And teach us to see
    That there’s nothing there
    We fool ourselves knowing we’re wrong
    When we follow along
    We’ve misunderstood
    What we meant for good
    There is one thing
    You’ve been meaning
    To talk about but don’t know what to say
    And that one thing that you’re feeling
    Chances are that someone feels the same
    Way as the one thing
    You’ve been meaning
    To bury and then hope it goes away
    And that one thing
    That you’re feeling
    Doesn’t mean you have to go away
    I don’t know if you realize
    That you’re not alone
    Can you let me know?
    But there is someone out there for you
    That is going through
    The same as you
    Why can’t we see that there’s one thing
    That we’ll have to face or something
    Will happen where we can’t turn back
    And we will be stuck right here on our own
    It’s plain to see that all you care about
    Are the pockets that you fill?
    And you don’t want to hear me talk about
    The reasons that we’re here
    I don’t know if I can go without
    Even if you lock me down
    I don’t care how much you scream and shout
    I’ll never be part of the crowd
    And I will make a sound
    And I will let my voice resound
    I can’t let my spirit break
    We’re bout to make the earth shake
    So break all these chains
    That keep me bound
    And break through these gates
    That lock me down
    I can’t even feel a little pain
    No matter what you do to me
    You will never hear my heart complain
    No matter what you think you see
    And I will make a sound
    And I will let my voice resound
    I can’t let my spirit break
    We’re bout to make the earth shake
    Break through these chains
    Break through these gates
    Hypnotized (tradução)
    Faz muito tempo, nós sabemos tudo ao longo
    Disso que estava acontecendo, parece não poder reagir a nada
    Então, nós continuaremos com nossas vidas
    Voltaremos no tempo, não podemos descobrir, negaremos
    O simples fato de que não fazemos nada
    Não significa que não podemos começar a oferecer
    Por que nos sentimos tão longe? Como se estivéssemos vendo estrelas
    Por que parece tão difícil acordar agora e ver quem somos realmente?

    Então, deixe acontecer
    Não siga

    Pra onde iremos daqui?
    Como desapareceu?
    É difícil ver com nossos próprios olhos
    Estes dias (estas mentiras)
    Nós estávamos hipnotizados

    Acho que é hora de tentarmos abrir nossos olhos
    Desviar o olhar da grande coisa que nos fez chorar
    Estamos hipnotizados, Ee você verá o que realmente sou
    Felizmente, isso não pode ser interrompido
    Se o tick-tack da vida não é tudo que você tem
    Então, venha pronto ou não
    Acorde, é sua última chance

    Então, venha
    e refaça

    Acorde agora, acorde agora
    Então, acorde agora, acorde agora
    Então, acorde agora
    Faz muito tempo
    Como podemos não errar?
    Agora, faz muito tempo
    Como podemos não errar de novo?

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